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Van Lines Inc

Van Lines Inc is a professional moving company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

It is a company that only provides Long Distances Moves. So we needed to have a broad approach to target the correct customers. 

Van Lines wanted to uptade their logo and website to be more friendly with actual trends and users experiences.


Our Journey

We needed to bring to 2023 VanLines Logo and Website. 

To begin with the logo update, we took the key concepts to establish a connection between what the client desires, their expectations, and their objective. This allowed us to develop a plan that would lead to a point of alignment between what Van Lines wanted and what we wanted to achieve at Momentum.

Check Out Our Concept Process

At the end, we mixed up some of the ideas to create the final Logo.

Old Logo

New Logo

Key Visual

We explored different ways to find a key visual that matches the brand values.

Website Development

When starting the development of the website, we created three different layouts. This way, we were able to adapt the logo, key visual, and user experience to a new site filled with fresh content and optimized for lead generation.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Together we choose the second option

We chose the second option because it is simple, graphic, and contains all the valuable information we wanted.

Also, it looks amazing with the new color set. They have impressive contrast to help us direct attention to the places we want.

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