Brand update

Forward Van Lines is a professional moving company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

It is a company that gradually lost its impact over the years. Something that was affecting the user experience through digital media. At the same time, it makes things difficult for users to have a fluid and effective experience.

Project: Forward Van Lines  | Year 2023

Our Journey to 2023

Our Goal was clear!  We need to take our brand closer to our customers. 

Creating a new strategy, new experiences, new communication, new visuals, and more flexibility to create content.

We got to start from scratch. 

Forward Van Lines

We created 3 different websites to start

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Together we choose the second option

We chose the second option because it is simple, graphic, and contains all the valuable information we wanted.

Also, it looks amazing with the new color set. They have impressive contrast to help us direct attention to the places we want.

Services Provided


We developed a new style for the brand.


We create a complete SEM and SEO strategy from scratch. To drive more traffic than before to the new site.

Website Development

All the website is custom made to fulfill our customers needs.


We keep building great solutions.To generate engagement for our users in a more meaningful way.